FBM Road Trip Video from 2005

Triple Threat!

FBM has a proud history, filled with some of the best kooks in BMX. This video is from a few trips we took back in 2005, it features Derrick Girard, Fisher, Tony Hamlin, Tony Cardona, Cam Wood, Chase Hawk, Dunny, Mike Tag, The Corts Bros, Ryan Corrigan Steve Crandall, Big Dave, Yeagle, Billy Ashby, Chester Blacksmith Eddie Cleveland, Ryan Worcester and many more, with riding from Ny to Portland, Utah, and in between. So many laughs and good times, I was stoked when I found this and realized it wasn’t on our Vimeo. Some of these guys have moved on, some of them still ride for FBM, and some of them are just as crazy as when this was filmed. All these dudes are awesome, and I am glad to have spent some good times with them!

Poff Nyea.

Tony Hamlin hates pizza.

Which one of these dudes is more kooked?