FBM in NYC with Scotty Cranmer!

Celebrities Scotty Cranmer and Tupac even got in the van...

Red Bull Hosted the annual Halloween Trick Or treat Jam again, at Newtown Barge Playground in Brooklyn, right across the East River from NYC.
Josh Greene and Edwin Delarosa teamed up with Ed Polio and his crew to pull off another cool event.
NYC is filled with characters on and off the bikes, so it always entertaining, and fun.
Scotty Cranmer is super hilarious to hang out with and watch ride, he won, dressed up like he was in the movie Grease. Stokers.
BMX is fun!
Brian Tunney, and Patrick “Danger” Nugent were on hand from ESPN to cover the event, as well as other sports media types.
Saturday it started snowing like crazy. It’s October…. ahhkkk!

Bros in the Big apple!

Eff Snow!!