Fall Trails Sessions, Car theft, etc..

I met up with my accountant yesterday, Jeremy Fahey, AKA “Cruzer”, at Bakers acres. Heres a pic of him on the last set of the top line. I hadn’t been in like 3 weeks, since I was on the road. I was lucky Cruz even made it, because his work car got stolen in the morning, here’s his report- ” well, the blumina’s wild ride is over. after a sick night of partying with the owego chupacabra aka “Don Spencer” the police responded to a ‘missing persons’ report and found the car parked across the street from the morons house. he’s being charged with aggravated unauthorized use of a vehicle, aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle and the always classic possession of marijuana charge. but still managed to leave me with 3/4 tank of gas and a wonderful scumbag smell in the car. Crazy, picked it up at about 6:30am and drove it to work today.” Heres another pic of Little devil rider, Randy Brown. He and Scary Lil Derek Adams were at Berringers house while we were out there. Good fun. Woozy has a RF15 trailer online, you can see Aaron, and some of the guys riding to a really bad song. No offense Stew. Look for John Lee to be filling in For Big Dave on the Roack and Roll tour, Dave had to call off, for the Binghamton Triatholon he’s been training for. This one isdifferent though, the competitors all have their dogs with them, and I am sure Curtis is up for the Challenge. In other news, coffee is kick ass. Git Suhm….

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