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Kelly and Clint Baker, over under, father-son combo. Heck YA!

I saw a wearwolf drinking a pina colada at trader vic’s, and his hair was perfect. Immediately after I look up the Hill, and Kelly Baker is jumping over his 5 year old son, in a spring rally trail session at Bakers acres. Full on over under, topline/ littles shred session. After hearing word of the awesomeness, Alex and Dirt Ron of GIVE D faxed me, to tell me about the new Denny Pascasio Edit on the Take site. Denny rules, super talented R and B singer. To add to Friday’s stokeage, treeBo, of Axelrad posted some sweet berm shot pics, and Mr. B, launching over a smurf. Smurfs up, Life’s a beach. I alos posted a few archived pics, one from a road trip, with Lou Bickle. On that trip, we were sleeping in the van, and Lou was half asleep, and had a full conversation with his reflection in the window, thinking it was a park ranger. I was stunned. Now playing- Dire straits- “the walk of life”

Alex of Give D, and the take Ditr Ron, Legend in progress, also of  Give D, and the take axelrad bermblast Kelly Baker Fire rail at the trails circa albert street 2008 5 year old clint bakers first lake jump Mr. B - axelrad credit Gilly, Crandall, Lou Bickle, Matty Branscombe and Tag, late nineties roadtrip Tag, 1994 box jump comp, 3rd behind miron and Mccoy Mandatory toast archive pic, from the late 70's

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