Exodus Update.

Evan V. taking an Exodus from this trick....

This update is All riders who rock the FBM HandBuilt Exodus frames. Tommy T. send over pics sans bike, but mentioned his new local trail news site, peep it. FBM dealer, and supporter Evan Venditti took some time away from re locating his bike shop, and did some more dialing at Stony Run, with Rob Tibbs, for an Easter Sunday, sunny Day Session. I took my newly built up ride, and started dusting off some cobwebs I had let settle, and hit up the jumps. Thanks to Nuno, Matt Coplon and Jon Wells, for helping me get a new bike together. I haven’t put together a new bike in a while, I was stoked on the way the Big Apes felt, and the Nice Lotus Forks helped keep my front end up. Dialed.
Here is some street riding from Bob at Junkfood, to balance out this dirtfest….Sweet Edit!

Easter was good this year Tommy T. hiding easter eggs. Boost juice Tibbs..... Exodus buildup ala Steve Crandall (me) seat post not www. approved Thanks to ODSY, Profile, and Sun for the support! Bottleneck, Apehangers, Stoked. First Day riding dirt jumps this year....

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