Everyday people!

Mickey Marshal is a human terror!

Today is “appreciate awesome stuff” day, and with that, I am posting some pics of Mickey and Joel, Two awesome dudes. I am also listening to a mix of Joan Jett, the pogues,Dire straits, the descendents, Minor threat and more. STOKED. Mikey Corts web pic by Sweeeeet Baby. Nuno over at Defgripdot net has a cool interview posted of Jessie Jay about his art and bmx based website- The Last People, which is totally heck yeah awesome. Some friends in Russia sent over some amazing pics as well. John Corts asked for this…..Billy Joel. Tom Blyth also updated his Blog, read “the knee surgery diaries Here> Tom is nice.

Joel Barnett is one of the coolest kids to ever work at Dollar General. Mike Corts loves his brother! Jessie Jay- the last people! Crazy Ruskies.... Stokeage from Russia with love! who is this guy? Uprail to slipknot ringtone!

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