Eric Hennessey- Anti Bummer!

Henny- 2 footer!

Henny has been a full force traveling Wilbury lately, we caught up with him for 20 seconds to see what he has been up to…

Hey Eric whats been going on this week?
“Myself and 2 friends hiked some mountains yesterday and today.. when we were done hiking we had to hitch hike back to our car…we got picked up by some guy who decided to take a little short cut on a dirt road..he was driving way too fast and lost control and smashed into a tree……………………………………..

and i was video taping it!”

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You recently left Austin, and landed in Providence, can you tell us about it?
I was staying in austin this past winter, living in stews back yard with chief. It started getting hot so i headed north with the birds. did you know austin is where all the birds fly in the winter? place rules.

Whats your favorite part about this summer?
Summer just started!! so i dont wanna jump the gun…but it was probably this past weekend where my friend craig and i hitch hiked to clint reynolds house and the 3 of us went to the white mountains and hiked the appalachian trail over 10 mountains in a couple days, and then got in a car accident with a guy that picked us up hitch hiking. but like i said, the summer is just getting started!!

Can you tell us a good Kelly baker story?
One time he drank a bunch of beer.

What gets you stoked lately?
Spending time with my friends. you dont need anything else to get you stoked.

Number 1 karaoke song?
twist and shout

Henny and some bakers!

Henny, Jay, Kenny, Teddy bear, and Brett Diener!

Tweak it!

Tire buzzard!