Ect Party night

East Coast terminal’s Bad Boyz of Bikeriding Pizza Party went down tonight, C-hunk is so bad he had a crew on hand, just to hold him up. Damn son. Jeff Harrington was riding at the Bad Boy session, as was Mike Tag, Fishty Percent, Chris hancock, Cruzer, and many more. It was Awesome. Trampoline Ramp session went down too, and a record 19 hop Tail Tap was performed, DMC was on hand to count. Dane Wild Turned 18 today as well, and went to a strip clup, in a strip mall, and spent all of Flip from Albes’ lunch money for the week. Bag Lunch for him. Derek Girard is Rawfld. Lok how Kooked he is. Cleveland this weekend, FBM is Sponsoring the comp, and we will have some surprises on hand, including a camo ice bunny hop jam, and a BMX Trivia competition.
Holla at us this week.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall