Dudes. Let’s get Awesome….

FBM is worldwide… Much Like Jimmy Mac shouted, in that Old Bulldog Commercial, with Emmit Crooms. I was stunned at how stoked so many riders were on FBM, while in Berlin, from all over, and then UK-FBM rider Josh Elkington goes for it in a berlin campsite and gets the rattiest tattoo I’ve seen in a few. I was Lucky enough to Be a part of rebel Jam 07, and Got to meet Die hard FBM fans from the Czech Republic, Holland, I don’t even know some of the places, it was awesome. Anyrate, the hard work and Dedication of the entire FBM Crew, is the reason these kids are stoked, whether it Be Aaron Ross Riding like a beast, Tony Cardona Jawling around, or the hardwork of BiG Dave, and the Machine shop guys dialing in Awesome shit, like the Stephen Murray Frames, and everything else. Shoutouts to everyone, I am stoked. If you are stoked too, Give John Lee, or John Paul at Last Call a holla and ask about old school BMX trivia, or whats hot at Kennedy’s. Random email from Adam Roye, “this is a pic of a BUM in Austin, he wears this shirt everyday”….

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall