We never proclaimed to take over BMX, dominate anything, be the biggest, the best, be number 1, or any of that shit, No NORA cups, readers choice awards, celebrities, polished turds or nothing, we are quite simply just FBM, we make great bikes, parts, and accessories, ridden by kick ass dudes, built by kick ass dudes, sold by kick ass dudes, and quite honestly, we just wanna do good stuff, and have a good time.
If we would have wanted to be popular or pretty, we would have started skateboarding a built a skateboard company! We are just regular dudes putting our best foot forward, trying to not push mongo through life.
If you like are stuff, or our associates, let us know, if we could do better, holler at us!
Thanks to everyone who help us stay in existence, and if you have been following the Blog for a second, thanks for being patient with my bad spelling a typos!



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