News. If you ask me what happened in the last 2 days, i’d tell you we drove our asses off, and have only made it to Lelands house in Kentucky. During that time, I’ve seen Derek punch twin in the face, and slap Tony while Tony was driving. I saw Twin Beat tony for 2 hours in the back later, and I saw Hopper steal peanut butter and jelly from a gas station. We dropped Dancin’ Billy off in New Albany Indiana, and then rode the Louisville park with Brian Ozfest, for an hour or so, while some kid pulled a rollerblader around teh park on a minibike. That was starnge, but not as strange how expensive gas is in a 93 ford 15 passenger van. Call up Smilin Kerry Sayre at Last Call and order some FBM shit, so we can afford the rest of the way home, Gas aint cheap. Big Dave has been keeping the shop talk page updated with funny stories and news, inbetween making awesome bikes, so peep that shit yo. Dave is an Ape, as is Curtis. Curtis is also a cold blooded killer. Holla.Thats TWwn in the pic at Baker City Oregon by the way…..

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