DIY Skateparks…

I made it back from the UK, which was a fun trip. I spent a day r so in London, and got to see the Bicycle Union crew in Action. Dudes are making their own skatepark, moving Victorian era bricks like Incans or ancient Egyptians. It was inspiring to see a bunch of 30 something bmxers going for it, meeting up once a week, and making their own shit. A ton of dudes were all pitching in, mixing cement, moving bricks, etc, a good time. Thanks to John Dye, and Irish Steve for the goodtimes. Road Fools starts this weekend, look for Aaron Ross and Cameron Wood to be killing that trip, stoked on that. Cameron is my new hero. Rumor has it that Aaron is going to Text message while 360ing down a set of stairs. Ryan Corrigan isat Woodward west building ramps right now, and Dave King is with Brian Foster Building a BMX track for some Dude from Zoo York. Mike Tag is headed to NY for the summer? Possibly. Tony Hamlin is in Rochester making funny faces. If he keeps it up, its gonna stay that way. Team Major Air has been in Full effect, eating bruce willis sandwiches, and jumping gaps. Not much else, more news when I can think…now playing- Damnation A.D.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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