Die for Metal!

Kenny Horton, sunshine, and a maneater ST.

Shown in the photo is new FBM rider Kenny Horton, chillin with his Hand Built Maneater ST, why is this a newsworthy photo and update? It’s not big news really, anyone can post a photo and Blog about BMX, but Kenny is one of the few riders in recent weeks to ride a bike built by someone who rides, as well as ride with one of those People. Stoked! Kenny was amped on Meeting One of the FBM welders at the BBQ in Newport News, after spending the week riding with Joel Barnett, Mickey Marshall, The Ginch bros. and Johnny Corts too. Heres a two year old video Of Mr. Corts aping it hard.

Joel Barnett, where my dogs are at? Old Johnny Pic. really old Mike Tag ad for the Angel Of Death...

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