Developing new technology?

Last year we tested a new seat/post combo that was negative 3 ounces, today We tried impregnating the same system with a gas that actually makes it lighter than air, and a whopping negative 6 ounces, so it actually makes your bike lighter when assembled correctly. To celebrate a breakthrough like this, mike corts put on a Judas Priest T-shirt, and spoke about how Ratt was at one time considered the best Priest cover band ever. Word to Guav. Dane Wild, on of the Team Young partytimers, was so pumped, he got a mohawk, and wore a blindfold to a Ted Nugent concert, and shot a fake crossbow at Barry Manilow while he sang his hit “Mandy”, all the middle aged women wept at the sound of Barry’s voice. The shitluck team was nowhere near Detroit though, as they were camping in California, and documenting Derrick Girard’s new dialect. Aaron Ross has no idea what Derrick Girard means when he speaks, and the same goes for me when Aaron speaks. He is getting smart though, today we taught him what a seatstay is, and thats no shit either. Props to Aaron and Chase Hawk, who just got picked up by Oddyssey components, and are shooting pics with Jim Bauer and Jeff Z. Yeah. now playing Suicidal Tendencies- “how will I laugh Tomorrow”

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall