Derrick Girard update

Derrick is in town, after going on a credence road trip, and is loading up the Last Call Van, with Tony Hamlin, the Corts brothers, and Captain Fun. The Van is headed east to somewhere in Massachusets for BONE DETH. I have no idea what to expect out of Sean Burns and his posse, but rumor has it, that Deuce will be there to Cage Fight Catfish, and they will both be wearing chain male. In more Derrick news, the new version Deployers are coming out soon, and he deployed last night after too many Genny’s, and fell over, just standing there, into a bachelorette party. Stoked. The HCS comp is also this weekend, as is the Newark Valley Skatepark Demo, with Kelly Baker, Collins, aka The Big Job, Fishty Cent, and station wagon full of apes from the upstate NY area. Now Playing- Rites of Spring- “for want of”

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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