Derrick Girard lost and found…

Derrick Girard’s life is like a daily lost and found box at a flea market, or a bowling alley, or someplace random. At any given moment, he can lose his wallet, phone, sneakers,passport, carkeys, all of his money, his sleeping bag, his memory, and on the flipside find just about anything to replace what he just lost. Lucky for Derrick he found his way to Fat-Trax this past weekend, where Mike Dialed him right in with some new shoes and parts for his bike to keep it running smooth. Shoutouts to the guys at Fat-trax for helping keep the northeast on track. If you are into online communities, or are stoked on rupert Murdoch’s monstrosity of a marketing tool/ Information Farm, and are familiar with Myspace, you can check out FBM’s Myspace page where we will be making random bulletins, and news updates about new products and what the team is up to. Yay! Tony Cardona shown blasting a King Kong sized air out of the Bowl at Xdreams, will be headed to Orlando this Weekend, for the 34th annual Baco Jam, if you see him there, look at his hands, they are big.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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