Depth of Character

I like Joel Barnett, He is a good person, a great rider, and lone wolfs it hard!

If you haven’t noticed, Joel Barnett has been killing it lately, on his bike, and also behind the lens of a classic film camera, Joel recently had this Least Most Gallery and has been leaking more photos on the web, which all look fantastic!
Joel Barnett is another crucial element into whats becoming the awesomeness of FBM, soon to be an intergalactic Holiday! Joel shreds at Drums, Shooting pics, building ramps, riding bikes, and even walking dogs. Joel is as dedicated and genuine as anyone out there.
Look for Joel in the new Props Mega Tour Video, or even on the Twitters.
Heck ya!
This is not Joel Barnett, this is bill the cat, an imposter!

The Lone Wolf, Joels whip!

This is Adam Guilliams, he kicks butt too!