Currency is typically defined as money, dollars, whathaveyou…something that represents value, something you can trade.
I just spent the past 3 weeks in a van with much of the FBM crew traveling the States, visiting friends, riding spots, meeting new friends, sharing good times, etc…

For us the price of a gallon a gas was often more than we spent on meals, eating ramen noodles, store brand soup out of a can, sleeping at friends houses, in parking lots, on the ground, in the van, on a couch.

On this trip the currency was the generosity of good people, our friends, sharing their spots, their floors, their coffee, sometimes a tube to fix a flat tire, sometimes a home cooked meal and shower, and all the time, sharing their awesomeness with us. In return all our friends asked for, without saying anything, was a smile, and a hi five, to the tune of a clicking freewheel or the click and pop of a can opening.

Thanks to everyone we caught up with, for the good times, and the reminder that one of the most valuable commodities is friendship!