Count Dracula

Damn, I didn't know there were bats that big.

It’s been quite a while, but our bat friend is back. Last night John Lee swung by after the trails to check in on the FBM Head Quarters in Johnson City (population 14,727) after we got repeated hits on our security system. He claims he was attacked by Count Dracula, but I suspect it was the same tiny bat that attacked me last summer. Never ending lunacy we have to deal with working here.

The latest Exodus ST2 proto type just came back from paint, and it’s a doozy, beautiful if you will.

Here are the specs:

* Integrated Head tube no gyro mounts
* 1-1/4 Supertherm Top Tube
* 4130 3D laser cut Top Tube Gusset
* 1-3/8 Supertherm Down Tube
* 4130 3D laser cut Down Tube Gusset
* Slotted Tube Cable Guide
* Slotted Cable Stop
* Externally machined Seat Tube
* Mid BB

* 5/8OD x 0.049wall 4130 Seat Stays
* Flat plate seat stay bridge
* Chain Stay 990 Mounts
* 3/4taper to 5/8OD 0.049 wall 4130 Chain Stays
* Flat plate chain stay bridge
* 3/16 thick heat treated 4130 dropouts
* Exodus ST Geometry
* Weight: 21″ top tube – 4lbs 10oz (4.6lbs) WITH PAINT
o Top Tubes – 20.5, 21, 21.25
o Rear End Length – 13-7/8
o BB Height 11-5/8
o HT Angle – 74.5
o ST Angle 71
o Standover Height 9

Custom Custom This frame is being built for the legendary Scott Yoquelet who is making his racing comeback at this year's NBL Grands, super duper kick ass. Our UPS dude gettin' his hustle on.

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