Corey Martinez scopes Neil Hise.

Neil hise under the watchful eye of Corey Martinez

One of the states you might span in a drive to Texas from the east coast, is a long horizontal beast known as Tennessee. In the route the FBM crew usually takes, we often pass through Knoxville, and a couple hours west of that is Nashville, where we ran into the United team under a bridge there. Watching famous pro’s watch dudes like Neil Hise is super rad, worlds collide, but all with smiles.
On this trip we rode with a bunch of working class badasses in Knoxville, and then a bunch of NORA cup pros just a few hours later. BMX is pretty cool like that, especially when one scene doesn’t trump another, its just good times!

Tom Blyth by Steve Horrocks

kenny Horton By Dixie

Zac Costa. Dixie!

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