Coming Soon…

The new Aaron Ross Pro Model, The “Master Blaster” Version, is the new updated version of the stairmaster, available soon, with Butted tubing, and other niceness making it even better than it used t be. Big Dave has been welding with Ferocity, and made Gilly a new bike this week, although thrown off by the absurdity of Tony Cardona’s physical appearance, he was stoked that Gilly and TC came to the FBM warehouse. A few other random pics, of Treebo, dave King, Chunk and “MICKY”.

Aaron and his friend- Pizza! random, unrelated fishty cent pic. Dave is pretending to not be in shock by Tony's shirt Gilly's new whip A few random pics gillys sent... Dave King is sick. Chunk is pretty sick as well/ Micky, one of My new favorite riders... Micky in Nelson ohio, where he is originally from.

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