Clermont Lounge VIP!

Joel barnett, up the rail, to front tire case the top step....

Just a few pics from the trip, some good “not pulled” shots and the gang at the Clermont. The clermont is Stew Johnson’s favorite hangout,a nd there is even a Rap song about it by Bubba Sparx. There is a sign at the door that reads “No cameras inside, they will bve taken away and smashed on the ground!”, otherwise there would be some more pics. Goldie is a 5 foot 2 dancer at the bar, with a long gold wig that smashes beer cans between her boobs. Mikey has some souveniers…. Stunning. In other news, there is a big restock of New 08 Frames at FBM/Last Call, so give John Lee or John Paul a call and see whats up….

Chillin at the clermont. John Corts, backward crooked, to ass slap, heal bruiser! Evan Venditti... tree ride. Joel with a sweet topside grind! Goldie, AKA blondie, AKA, can crusher!

Originally Posted by Steve crandall

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