Cinco De Mayo…

Nasty Nate and Wormz

Happy 5th of may Ya’ll… The website was down due to technical difficulties and interspeciesweb abuse. The Gypsy Trip is off the charts, Lots of Grillin, Chillin, and plenty of illin! Garret G. turned 20 on the trip, Groundchuck had a birthday too. So much crazy shit has happened so far, that I wouldn’t even know where to begin, but I’ll tell you one thing, People LOVE marbles the Fox. We will Be in Athens On Wednesday, and in Pittsburgh on Friday, so come out, have a hot dog, and watch Brian Yeagle do bad things on cement quarter pipes with his BMX….

Mickey Marshal -just ride in Muncie Indiana Chillin Grillin Illin!!!! Stieg, Ground Chuck and Leland Marbles!

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