Chunk returns to NY, brings new Hose Clamps…

Chunk got sick of Florida, and left Buddy Tillman to drink all the energy drinks he could, alone, and is currently back in Ny. Captain Fun showed up with new colors for the seat post clamps and vowed to up the fun factor by 44 %. Kennedy’s Fried Chicken just got a lot busier. Random shot of the Guys that were at FBM at Lunch time? Jeff Harrington was at the paint shop, Terra and Manmade Darren were also in the house, but were busy talking about spring training baseball games, 10 cent drafts, and how cold it is in the building. Aaron Ross worked with Big Dave, Curtis, and the crew, dialing in his prototype frame, and heads back to Corpus Christi in the AM, he ate pizza for every meal while visiting. more news another time?

Originally Posted by Crandall

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