Chowda Headz


There is something amazing about BMX, that even after over a thousand miles clocked driving in the rain, bruised ribs, busted shins, a wallet filled with more expense receipts than cash, totally exhausted, beat up hungover, whatever it is you may be after a long weekend, standing in a parking lot, or in the woods or at a park or whatever, and it doesn’t seem crazy at all.
This past weekend, Chuck Goldy played Braveheart in the New England BMX scene, uniting all the tribes for a great time, bringing so many people together. Its weekends like these that transcend all types of personalities, cliques, scenes, riding styles, the whole bit, and have kooks from so many corners of our culture, more concerned with the laughs and good times than any invisible bullshit, or geography that separates many people other otherwise.
After all these years, I still feel pretty lucky to participate, even if its simply dishing out a few high fives, and cracking a couple cold ones with some friends, while meeting new ones.

Thanks Chuck, and cheers to New England BMX, East Coast BMX, and all the 20 inch knuckleheads that said whats up in Danielson to the FBM crew!

This Happened too!

(swiped the bottom 3 pics from Tony Long)