Chicken Holiday!

Erik "doc" Holladay, AKA chicken Bone!

This weekend was International Chicken Holiday at The new Dance club called “Pizza Heaven” where web videos are real life and the televisions have brains!
We re Posted several kick ass web videos below showcasing the character’s with Bikes at FBM, and the bikes with Character they are shredding on! Give it all a good look!
Be sure to check out FBM’s Vimeo Channel for 75 awesome videos, and check out FBM’sMedia Page for more original content on the interneternet! Log on the FBM Facebook page, and tell us you love Kenny Horton, and Chicken Hollerday…
Till then, get awesome…!

Todd from Beavis and Butthead!

Let's get normal!

Air Guitars are outta style!

Shot, Stabbed, and Tibbs!

Lenny Norton and Chicken Bone!

ERik Holladay hates fun!

Eat YO FACE!!!!

well... Soup is gangster as shit! Ladle to the grave Homie!