Championship awesomeness!

Today was a pretty amazing day, Both riding an otherwise. The Chenga Stop was off the Charts, and we woke up at a Motel 6, and Immediately opened up “Condor’s Cleveland area Tattoo Shop”, in room 227. Brian Venable, Catfish, Leland and I all got Smiley faces tattooed on us before noon, on a sunday, 400 feet from the Ohio turnpike. It was seriously one of the most amazing moments in my life. So stoked. It was Matt’s first time tattooing, But I think if he keeps up teh hardwork, he might have something to fall back on, He was so pumped, it was awesome! He actually Tattooed Leland’s ass. Wow! Riding in Cleveland was awesome too, Scotty Cranmer and Aaron ross are really good at bike riding. More news later…

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