With the established presence of Hip Hop in skateplaza edits, and in a corporate effort to increase FBM’s marketshare, we hired riders to design a new fork for a BMX bikes front wheel!

Albert Brown and his buddies Rip and Otis are aspiring riders who have tried every gimmick to break into the BMX business. Eventually, Albert and the boys decide to turn into gangster riders, with Albert assuming the identity of M.C. Gusto (a local crime lord who is serving time in prison).

Featuring: A one piece CNC machined steerer tube, Roasted heat treated internally butted legs, Roasted heat treated 3/16″ laser cut dropouts that are angled at the bottom for grind clearance, a compression bolt that accepts a 3/8″ drive ratchet for easy installation and removal, and clearance for 2.35″ tires.

Handcrafted in New York!