Campin in the hood


This past weekend we headed out to Wilmington North Carolina, to ride bikes, and explore the world at large. Our original plans fell through, so we need a place to park the bus, and ended up in the northside of the city. An empty lot, a dead end street, near an intersection, a burned down home, a trap house near the corner, and a neighborhood hustler on a beach cruiser named Mike. Better than a KOA any day.
We pedaled around the city until dusk, then set up tents in the empty lot, got some food, had tunes playing on the radio, and watched the corner come to life, from a safe distance as the sun set and the nightlife took over the town. Mike came back a few times, to both check in on us, to make sure we weren’t causing trouble, and soon to make sure we weren’t in any trouble as he realized we were no threat to the neighborhood enterprise.
I don’t know who could of thought it was more bizarre, the hustlers on the corner witnessing a Black school bus full of BMXers setting up a campsite in the hood, and partying on the block, or the local PD who kicked us out at 8 am.
The look or pure concern and utter confusion on the police officers face as he surveyed the scene made me smile, although I can’t help but wonder why they were so intent on waking us up at 8 am, and they were no where to be seen in the nighttime hours, when the crime of sleeping on the ground would have been less a concern.
Actually, I think its pretty obvious.
We saw Mike again the next day while we pedaled around the city exploring for more fun, he was welcoming, kind, and clearly deranged, a good sort. It was a good weekend, and a great way to start spring.

Get stoked, Stay Stoked,Anything goes…