Cameron Wood is a serious Ape!

Cameron Wood is one of my all time favorite riders. His perspective has always been unique, and even a little bit twisted at times. His bag of tricks is unaffected by popular opinion, and his enthusiasm about riding and having a good time with his friends, is as genuine and innocent as some younster who has never seen a magazine or a video, or ever even considered the notion of sponsorship. He just likes riding bikes. His friend Skier J sent over these pics, so thanks to him for sharing with us. To see some more goodtimes BMX, check out The Come Up site. Adam posted a google version of Albert Street, which is probably at least 8 years old by now. Those were some wild times. Tax season is upon us, and thats never fun, our good buddy Cruz, has an acounting Firm, and he does TAxes for Independents, and Pro BMXers, Rampbuilders, etc… Email him at if you want or need help with that kind of thing. In other news, we are under alert for a crazy snowstorm, that should be a doozy, suiting though, as QBP is hosting Frostbike this weekend in Minneapolis, I will be there, chatting with Dealers, showing off some new FBM stuff, drinking coffee, and generally shmoozing, so feel free to come by and hang out. Heres a pic of Todd Johnson’s recently built up Deployer, complete with purple parts. Stunning. Thats the Minneapolis Purple Rain effect I think. Now Playing- Angry Samoans- “lights Out”

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