A classic FBM logo, for todays pants!

The classic FBM logo from ages ago, will be making a comeback in a couple weeks, when these Belt Buckles land. These copper cast badboys are being made in outerspace on the planet of the apes! Pierre Boulle himself was on the forge with these suckers, Not to be confused with Pierre Pierros the 3rd down in Austin, where the Ginch Bros. have been hanging out and hitting monsterbaby sized dirt jumps!
Keep posted for more news soon…

Living Hard or Hardly Living? Look at the size of that stuff! We make complete bikes!

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Cast Pewter steadfast inspired Belt Buckle.

We got a sample of the new FBM, cast pewter Belt Buckle, which will be out in a couple of weeks, available at preferred bike shops worldwide. In the meantime, check out this FBM classic from our Vimeo Archive, “Live Fast Die”, It features such memorable moments as Kelly Baker Hauling ass down a hill in a shopping cart, Chris Stauffer’s table tops, and fiery explosions…..

Live Fast Die. from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Sasquatch Adam Guilliams pool air! KB, as seen in Live Fast Die...

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