Buckled part deux.

As seen on TV an movies....

In the 70’s, movie like Convoy and Smokey and the Bandit, created a worldwide buzz for FBM Buckles, as Burt Reynolds, and Kris Kristoferson made them Famous by proudly displaying them as part of their wardrobe… Now in 2009, you can too, by going to your local shop, and asking for one. Stoked.
John Paul Rogers has more BMX archived in his memory bank, and photo cache than most BMX enthusiasts combined, here are a few gems from Minersville a few years back, I think Chase Didget was there this same day as some of these pics….. Let’s Get Awesome.

This movie sent FBM Belt buckles into stardom! This as well... KB at Minersville shot by Jpr! Craig Kleckner, JP pic. Classic Style, Ron Kimler, shot BY JPR at Minersville... Shawn Shoener fell out of a tree once. JP pic. FBM legend, Sean Emery, Shot in Cali, by JP.

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