Brawlin’ at the Belmar Date Change

New Date: September 5th

Yup, once again we had to change the date of the Brawlin’ at the Belmar dirt jumping contest. Ed the owner of the bar bought some picnic tables and has been renting out the back for parties. After we hold the contest his back yard is wrecked so he wants to get as many weekends in as possible before Dave King annihilates his nice green grass. Mark your calendars, new date is September 5th. The college kids will be back by then so be prepared for high numbers of d-bags and hot girls.

As we’ve mentioned before, this will be the last one, so come on out and make it a memorable weekend.

This is the beginning of a replica Dave Freimuth Macneil, none of us even knew what that was, but have a picture to go off of. It's not an easy junction to make, we'll keep posting photos of the progress. Boogie on the new shop scooter, chopper bars to curb endo.

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