Evan Venditti! Summer of fun 2011.

Who Gets bad boy club tattoos in this day and age? Awesome dudes who don’t give a care, that’s who!
Its gonna be a long, hot and weird summer, one for the record books, keep your ears to the ground for grassroots backyard jams, trails jams, street parties, and more, it’s all happening in the Anti Bummer summer 2011!

Keny Horton and Latane getting weird! Anti Bummer Summer 2011

Rich Hoppie and Scotty Yoquelet! FT. Wayne Tag jam July 16th!

Yo- Whats up with them Heandbanger bars!?

Colors Flat Black, Cherry Red
Weight 27.8 oz
Width 29″
Rise 8-5/8″
Backsweep 11 degrees
Upsweep 1.5 degrees
Multibutted 4130 Chromoly with Roasted heat treating

Super Awesome Trans Blue Gypsy! Hand Built in NY

Handbuilt, super awesome FBM Gypsy!

We have a bunch of new goods in the Products section of the website, New Bars, Seats, a revised Gypsy, all awesome stuff!
Check out the spec for the new goods on these links-
FBM Gypsy.
FBM Headbanger Bars.
FBM Tallboys.
FBM Heart Seat.

Ginch Bros Headbanger bars!

New Heart seat!

New Tallboys!