Blue Autopilots and Corn on the cob…

Ever wonder what it’s like at FBM’s Idea development labratory? Here is an actual digital imagination capture of Mike Tag thinking about a new Color for Fbm Autopilots, whichg is available now. Here are a few pics of John Wells as well, John is one of Tony Cardona’s buddy’s, and rode with the FBM team at Ratty, helping secure a 2nd place spot with Huge Abubacas and such. He got a new whip and sent these pics over. Mid BB hop up kits are now available from FBM, as well as pin sets. They both have professional snowboarder, Andrew Forgash on the packaging. I went with Andrew to the Toronto comp/ Bike show several years ago, and we stopped at the Duty Free/ Customs area at the border, and I went in to use the bathroom after him, and the bathroom wall partitions were knocked over, and the toilets were smashed, and water was spouting like a geyser, hitting the ceiling, and spraying all over the room. It was disasterous, and Andrew had a guilty looking smile… Check out his band Portals, they play in the Portland area, and have the best Guitarist in Rock and Roll, Eric AKA “the Mechanism”….

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