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Garrett Ginch Nac on stew Johnsons Ramp- By Rick motocrossman

Rick Crossman was kind enough to send over a couple of BADASS photos of Gary Ginch, AKA Garrett Guilliams, at Stew Johnson’s Ramp at the Anthem Compound in Austin Texas. Get SToked.
I rode with Kenny Horton yesterday on some kicker ramps, Kenny said, “I don’t wanna have any more pictures of Table tops on the site…” I laughed, and shot 2 cool looking shots of him doing just that, in a “Hulk Hogan as Shep Ramsey- Suburban Commando” t- shirt.
Kelly Baker says Banksgiving is on Saturday in Newark Valley from 1-4 pm, and there is an informal jam session later that night At East Shore.
Here are a few photos of Kelly And some ramp progress from Sawyer’s Blaaahg.
In other news, Life’s a beach…

Higher air than the ramp is tall? GG by RC Wu tang Cran- protect the back of your neck I'm just stoked to be riding bikes once in a while, old dog, old trick- Kenny Photo Suburban Commando - shep Ramsey 2 different way tables, on eAPE- Kenny Horton! Kelly Baker, trail Rail Manual from be easy. Banksgiving in progress... random disruptive sequence?

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