Big News!!!

Phil Wasson throwback on a Nighttrain By Doug Hebert

In today’s fast moving world of lightweight, drilled out, limited edition color, quadruple secret sweet talked bmx bike technology, it’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, Phil Wasson was blasting Inverts like the one in today’s post, at a sketchy skatepark, on a 7 pound night train. When that bike came out, it was FBM’s “trail” frame, and about 1 pound lighter than it’s predecessor, the Angel of Death, who at one point was more than 8 pounds. Anyrate, Phil’s friend Doug sent over the pic, and it’s cool looking. Thanks Dude. In response to 8 pound frames, and Jester hats, we are now prototyping “anonymous comment cards” for blogging and message board enthusiasts, these cards are lightweight and guaranteed to make riding sessions, and riding scenes 12% awesomer. Bobby Parker, of Rochester, Via Iowa City, sent over a couple pics from the Oswego Dirt Jumping party this past weekend. Sweet… In other news, …- Anthem!

Dougggg's Dog chilling Hard in KC surely you jest... mickey M. at the local park, Ithaca NY. Mickey at Big Jobs ramps Ryan Souva at Red Planet pic By Bobby Parker Tim Pavia.... His brother works at BMXPlus, he might even drive a pT cruiser. New Lightweight comment cards... perfect for todays progressive riers a hat!

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