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Derrick Girard is one of the most bizarre personalities I have encountered in BMX, He’s right up there with fellow New Englander Sean Burn. The year he won the Demolition Derby in Rochester, he got so drunk before it, he lost most of his belongings, and barely showed up for the event. The next day, i see him, he’s barefoot, no shirt, and looking for his wallet. He pulls a small bottle of Jim Beam out of his pocket, finishes it off, and throws in the front seat of his 65 Chevy. This is in the AM. Most of his possessions were MIA, but he did have a coil of 1 inch rope. Mike Mchue is THE craziest dude I have ever met in BMX, hopefully we’ll catch up with Him at Ray’s MTB park on Monday. Sweet Baby will not be there. Mike Cottle of OBMX sent up some pics from the guys in Florida, who are definitely kooked. Joey J. from FLA, has been rocking an Exodus frame for a bit now, and is stoked on it. Erik Abbadessa even gave it the thumbs up, right after launching Mark Mullvile in Midget bowling.

Mike McQ... Orlando is something these days... Joey J. from FLA. Is that sweet baby? what is it with the Beecher kids? Lil Pat and Mickey in Texas... Livin it baby.

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