As the ground warms to the first rays of light.

Joel Barnettspin

Here are a few snapshots from some casual BMX partying yesterday with Joel Barnett, Kenny Horton, and recent FBM flow bro, Eric Hollady.
Sketchy Backyard ramps, and makeshift street spots, are just another ingredient to good living, learn how to have fun everyday, and you be a happy person!
Here are a few other potential elements to daily stokeage- Wearing tropical shorts, good coffee, listening to Baroness, rope swings, hillbombs, pizza, cold ones, riding a moped with rollerblades on, seeing a photo or video of Mat Hoffman, hanging out with a dog, (the smaller the better) Old Bad religion songs, hearing a good Kelly Baker Story, (about him, or by him), Thinking about Dunny, the list goes on…
Coming Soon, Tom Blyth, starring as Arsenio Hall, as Semmi and Reverend Brown, in ” Coming to America”

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Dr. Teeth- Doc Hollady Kenny Horton Who is this guy? Doc Hollady

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