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Today is March 20th, the spring equinox. A new season, a new day…
Get Stoked!
In the Bmx Blogging news, the FBM team is Alive and ready to rock- Kenny and Garrett’s bikes got lost on the flight home, and finally showed up last night after 2 curious days. Rumor has it, the bikes needed a vacation after the Wizards of Oz tour, and spent 2 days chilling in Los Angeles. Joel Barnett was unavailable for comment, as he was shredding the shit out of East Shore, with Ben Jones, and playing Air drums. Tom Blyth recently reported he has a pony tail for the new season, and has been watching Albert Street repeatedly. Adam Guilliams was 7 years old when Lou Bickle was eating light bulbs in that video.
In product news, you can see Kenny wearing the new “Anywhere” t-shirt. The image of that shirt is shot through the windshield of the FBM Skeleton Van. Its a 1986 Ford Econoline e150. Barebones, and kick ass, It looks like it could break down at any moment, but it never has. Aside from 3 flat tires, but that’s another story.
Any rate, it was the early 2000’s and I was driving across the country in that thing to Las Vegas for Interbike, it was filled with bike show crap, and camping gear for Myself, Sal, and Dave King. I was in the bench seat somewhere out west and randomly shot a pic with some B+W film and a Nikon EM. I had forgotten about it, developed the roll, and ended up with what I thought was a cool looking photo.
The vegas part of the trip was ridiculous, with Dave King Torturing Jeff Harrington, and Sal hanging out with Stricker going further and further into credit card debt and liver damage.

We picked up Gilly who was digging jumps at the Hard Rock that same weekend and headed home. By the Time we hit Little Rock Arkansas, once again going to hang with Jud Ferguson, we got lost in the ghetto. Sal and I started to argue about the 20 consectutive left turns an which way to go, it was late, the area was sketchy, and Sal was driving.Sal warned me to pipe down, I didn’t, we were still lost, and Sal simply Says (in the infamous Sal Voice) – ” FUCK YOOOUUUU!” and throws the map out the window, not 15 feet from 3 dudes on a corner drinking 40’s. We got the the skatepark, had some laughs, went to some dodgy billiards joint, and had a good night. Sal disappeared at one point and went and found the Atlas… Some years later, and it’s an FBM shirt. I like it, I hope you do too.
Here’s and Edit from Bob of JunkFood. A pretty cool example of what sometimes happens when you Follow your heart and not the Herd!
Oh yea, we’ve had a tweeter for like a year and half now- heres the link, I don’t think we’ve ever used it till now-Tweet Tweet

Joel Barnett- Blacken beanie and a mustache. Kie ashworth and Big daddy Kane! Kenny Horton- Anywhere! Metal Garrett. Adam Ginch!

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