Andrew W Kenny

I was asked last week by Mike at Clicked, what FBM looks for when sponsoring a rider… I was on the road filming Henny and shooting some photos, in Rhode Island, when he emailed me, so I borrowed Vic’s computer and hastily sent a response…
What I should have said, is that we do not look for riders, we recognize them. They are already out there, living it.. and sometimes we notice them, and invite them to party with us.
I have heard plenty of criticism over the years, but in reality, an FBM rider has done and will do what they do, and be who they are, regardless of whether or not they are sponsored. Not everyone can say that. Kenny Horton is a perfect example of what FBM is, he does what he wants, regardless of outside opinion, for better or worse, looks, acts, rides and lives how he wants, and at the end of the day enjoys a good, but modest existence… I mean look at the guy! He is dressed in all white with a black eye!
It must be laundry day…

Andrew W Kenny goes to street spots exclusively via Limousine!

Luxurious hair!

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