Alter Ego

“Crazy people are not so f#@*ing boring…”

The problem with insanity, and the fact that time stops for no man,
is that it can not be controlled. You just can not expect Garrett Guilliams, to not disappear, and return to reality, and not have a milkshake,it’s just what he does.
Excitement, adventure and living on the edge, the elements of FBM’s genetic make up, is a healthy response to the dull, monotonous, homogenized remainder of the world,The typical. Pure unadulterated living breathing hell, thats what ordinary is.

Wanna know what normal people do? I’ll tell you what they don’t do, they don’t catch birthday cakes being dropped out of second story windows, they don’t howl in laughter at their own injuries, they don’t ride motorcycles in sleet rain, or do a high speed 180 before a 12 stair set. Normal people don’t do what Kenny Horton does, or any of the other lunatics involved with FBM. Society’s Alter Ego…