All kinds of goodness


There are a handful of kick ass BMX shops that go above and beyond the call of duty, do more than just provide good product and customer service, but also work hard to make the scene better overall, New England seems to have a lot of them, and this video of the recent Circuit BMX trip, is a big example of this!
Another one is New England Jam Chowda a huge Northeast event hosted by Chuck Goldy, that a lot of BMX in general should be paying attention to. Chuck has a rad Shop in Danielson Connecticut called Daily Grind, but invites ALL the shops in his area to participate in the Jam Chowda, so everyone can see a healthy scene maintain itself, even though it takes hard work and creativity to sustain itself (if that makes sense).
Someone has to do, especially these days when it seems like fewer and fewer people and companies seem to be in a position to put together events or tours. Dudes like Chuck and Vic, are still doing trip and comps and kicking ass! So Stoked on these dudes!
Here are a bunch of other random pics as well, from the summer of fun!

Circuit Trails Rule Trip from Circuit BMX on Vimeo.