ALF Lives!

Double Kenny Horton feeble to Toboggin under the watchful eye of ALF!

You don’t know about ALF? The crazy cat eating alien life form from Melmac that that has great hair and loves Jimmy Buffet? I mean, everyone has a crashed a party in their day, but this dude crashed his spaceship into the Tanner families garage, and started his own TV show!

Then there were the neighbors, the Ochmoneks, who on one episode, the lady saw ALF, who was always hidden, and made a statue of him out of Mashed Potatoes! HOW NUTS IS THAT? Dude even had a cousin named “Pretty Boy” Shumway!

Anyrate, he has been hanging around the FBM crew since his show got cancelled, and many thought he was dead or in jail, which was half true, he just got out of lock up for possession charges…He plead “no problem” and was locked up for who knows how long! Watch out Cops!

ALF does Barspins, LEGIT!

ALF don't give a shit!


Todd From Beavis and Butthead loves ALF!