Aaron Ross wins Metro Best Trick, tony Hamlin gets rad….

I don’t know if Aaron Ross officially won best trick, but after the crowd went apeshit, Josh Harrington gave the win to him, for his ledge ride to double whip. Harrington won the comp, so I doubt he was bummed, and Mirra ended up in 2nd. A ton of riders were amazing this weekend, and out of the 100 or so pro’s, Tony Hamlin managed to get into the finals and place a very respectable 12th. He did some of the best flairs, and an awesome 180 lookback over the subthingy. Tony Cardona also rode amazing, and Fuf’d the huge fence, as well as Mowing the sub, and pulling a huge 180 gap. Dane Wild rode injured and did well too. Brian Foster was in contention for funny face award with Tony H, and I was probably the best looking guy in Canada this weekend. THe corts brothers are wierd, and Mike told Hancock to bite his co-workers if the piss him off, or poke them. Strange. John Lee won the best trick of the weekend, by yelling “this is a stick up” in Gas Station, and freaking everyone out. Classic. He was Joking obviously.Thnaks to Miron and his gang for another awesome comp, and thanks to Morgan Wade for riding, that kid is a nut….

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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