Aaron Ross Races the BMX.

Aaron Ross Holeshot.

Aaron Started racing, on his bitchin camaro race bike, at the Austin BMX track, and has been winning. Rumor has it that he’ll be quitting street riding, and training for the Olympics. Either that or he is just a guy who likes having fun on bikes. Stoked. The Moto trip is still in progress, although some serious mods had to go down on the Sidecar in teh weld shop today, We hooked up with Shea and Ryan Nyquist for some good fun, and Derrick learned flips while Shea learned how to tilt the side car up off keel while Ryan risked life an limb, and surfed it. Sweet! Shea also busted out the Colin Winkelman bike, which is simply amazing. We’ll be heading back North in a minute, hopefully scoring vegetable oil to fuel the ride home. Is your dogs name Charlie? NO ITS SHAWLEEEEEE! word up!

For the win! Tag is stoked on cycles! Whats up with that beard? Nyquist fun fest. Nyquist Brothers circus. Thats Evan Sleeping in the yard behind them. Sand surfing, lords of fun style. Derrick Learned Flips at the Unit. Clint, modifying the gravity on the big ramp.

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