Aaron ross is good at bikes.

Aaron Ross is good at Bike Riding, and Awesome At using his cellphone, here he is blasting in TX. Tony Hamlin from our trip to Portland over the summer. Tony is a currently doing something bad to a twin in Rochester. Cameron Wood, the Flatbottom Rocker is Salt Lake is doing soem Road dialing and popping wheelies around Rocky, who is passed out at the skatepark. Big Dave’s Birthday Party/ FBM Holla Day party is next week on Thursday. Last year it was so nuts, the owner of the bar went into the kitchen, and dudes had turned the fryers on, and started cooking like they were at thier own home, he didnt even get pissed. Shanton Wilson rolled Dice with a crackhead Santa, and Catfish almost gpt peed on. Animal Video next week, peep The Animal Site for Info. See ya there? The Online store now has 4 XL shirts for 20 bucks, for the Holiday, get some. DVDs, Flasks and other shit is a vailable as well.

Originally Posted by Steve Crandall

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