A wild ride so far…


This past weekend was wild as hell, super fun, and amazing on so many levels.
Celebrating 21 years of an idea a few kids came up with while riding BMX bikes, well its kinda bizarre, and surreal to see how a simple idea has played out, with the efforts of some great people in tiny community within BMX.
Thank you to Derek Nelson and everyone at HCS fro sharing your spot with us this weekend!
FBM riders, staff, friends and family past and present were in attendance to celebrate, hang out and tell old stories, make new ones and so much more…
Obviously not everyone who has had a role in this weird movie could be there this weekend…Over the years so many people have been a part of FBM in some form or another, Riders like Ryan Corrigan, Derrick Girard, Lou Bickle, Sean Emery, Phil Wasson, Shawn Arata, Ron Kimler, Butcher, Jason Stieg, Pat Schreader, Joel Barnett, Bob Scerbo, Wormz, and So many More, Former employees, like Jeff Harrington, Chris Hallman, John Paul Rogers, Ken Musgrave, Kerry Sayre, and Big Dave, as well as so many other people who helped create something amazing within the chaos. These people and more participated in the awesomeness and they are important, everyone we work with, shared time with, and had laughs riding and working on kids bikes with, is too many to list, and be able to get in one place at the same time, so I apologize if I am forgetting names…
It’s pretty overwhelming to be honest, to have this crazy history and to still have so many great people involved and to still be able to move forward!
On behalf of the Staff and team at FBM, still stoking the fire, Tom Blyth, Neil Hise, Dani Lightning Bolt, Dillon Leeper, Garrett Guilliams,Phil Jones, Zach Rogers, Kenny Horton, Eric Holladay, Jackson Allen, Eric Hennessey, Kelly Baker, Gilly Smalls, Dylan Cole, John Corts, John Lee, Mike Erb, and myself, we simply say THANK YOU to EVERYONE!

RIP Mike Tag- “when we ride, he rides…”







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