A Message from Darryl Nau!

The D man!

To all riders in the texas / austin area:

I am honored to be a guest on Mega Tour 10 with FBM and having the time of my life in TEXAS and with my BMX brothers.

I was thinking that a lot of times on these trips the “teams” don’t get a chance to spend time together or connect with the older locals who have been building a scene for decades. After some thought, I decided one of the best ways to connect everyone is to have an awesome Party / Punk / Metal Show with all of the riders of Austin and on Mega Tour!! With just a little over 24 hours notice, We just booked the plane tickets and Japanther is flying in tomorrow!! We are also super excited that Tia Carrera is going to playing along with the Gentleman Rouges.

The show is only $5 to help support the bands and there will also be a free beer tasting from Thirsty Planet from 9 to 930 so get there early for free beer. There will be a bunch of surprises along with some classic BMX videos being shown by Stew Johnson!

And to the younger guys in Austin I’m sorry that it’s 21+ but I will be down here for South by South-West and we are working on some shows all ages shows with BMX trails, keep you posted.

See you at the party!!
Darryl Nau