5 questions with Ruel Smith

5 questions…

1. Any music projects you have been working on lately?
Well since I moved to RVA I’ve been recording my own songs and just decided to make
an album to give free music to those who will listen. it’s 13 tracks and 24 minutes of my thoughts.
I’m calling it “Sounds of the fallen tree”. Get a hold of me through FBM if you want one.
Also I’m heading to NYC to record an LP with my Brooklyn based band (Imaginary Friends) and play
for the BFF party at Lit lounge in the city. FUN!!

2.- Whats the worst thing your son has trashed while misbehaving?

Well Nikolai ( son of mine) has broken moms laptop CD drive from smacking the keys one too many times till it stop taking in CD’s.
And he also Broke my TV/VCR /DVD combo down to just a TV. He vanquished a couple of finger bikes all though I tighten them up real good
( amongst other toys). Just this morning he was knocking over Steve Crandall’s CD Stack and scattering them about his living room.

3. Whats the highest you have ever bunnyhopped?
I think I measured up to 43 inches at a hop contest once. I like blasting bumps and curbs though…
Can a cow really jump over the moon ?

4. Can you swim?
I use to be really good when I was an Olympic swimmer. That all ended when I was busted for taking steroids, now I suck at it. (that’s not true)
I’m no good without the juice man, so no I can’t swim, but I’m clean and back in training!!

5. Any good Kenny Horton Stories?
Ahh, we had some beers at Mojo’s and went riding about at night time.
We found a grass bank to fence and tried to stall it and we both got half way up the fence and flipped over to the other side.
Another time we’re have beers again at Kenny’s house when he started to smash some end-tables to pieces ( who knows). Then we went riding around at night
and I took a detour to ride down a set of stairs and when I did I crashed into kenny. Oh how we laughed.
I think that was all the same night now, I’m not sure anymore but Kenny is fun to have fun with. HIGH-5 Kenny.